Reconditioned Pallets

Reconditioned, or second hand pallets, are a vital commodity for many businesses. They are a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to buying new. We stock a comprehensive range of reconditioned pallets in various grades and sizes, allowing us to react quickly to orders, keeping our clients’ supply chains moving at all times. We supply customers across a diverse range of industries, including; food, agriculture, plastics, retail, chemicals, print, warehousing and many more. Whether you require a small delivery of pallets once a year, or daily deliveries in large quantities please get in touch.

New Pallets

New Pallets

New Pallets are used across all industrial sectors and are an ideal way for businesses to ensure that a product is exactly to their specification. Pallinc are equipped to supply new pallets in both standard sizes and bespoke orders: we are always happy to provide a quotation based on specific requirements.

Heat Treatment

We are able to offer pallets that are heat treated to ISPM15 regulations. The pallets will be treated in a kiln at 56 degrees centigrade and then marked with a Heat Treatment stamp, leaving customers safe in the knowledge they have complied with the International Standard for Wood Packaging for all their exported goods.


In order to service our ever growing client base, we collect pallets from a wide array of businesses across Lincolnshire. Each load we receive is graded by a member of our team. This process allows us to separate each pallet into its respective type and carry out any necessary repairs before putting them back into stock, ensuring that every pallet a customer receives is of the highest standard.


All repairs to broken pallets are carried out by our trained operatives and any scrap pallets we receive are put through our pallet stripping machine, to remove any components that can be used in our repair process, eliminating the need to purchase new timber. We ensure a zero to landfill policy across the whole company by sending all scrap wood and offcuts from our repair process to a local biomass boiler.