All of our pallets are collected using either our own modern fleet of vehicles or approved and trusted hauliers. Once received all loads are hand sorted by members of our yard team. Broken pallets are isolated and repaired by a trained operative and finished stock is then stored ready for delivery to our customer base. Throughout this process, all waste received such as polythene and cardboard, is recycled by local waste management companies and wood waste is sent to a number of biomass boilers. 

To allow total transparency throughout our supply chain we use signed collection notes, as well as grading tickets for every uplift. Following this, accounts receive load-by-load or monthly reports. This level of service allows all suppliers and customers the peace of mind to place their trust in us at every stage of the process. 

Our grading and quality control procedures are unrivalled and ensure customers receive the correct type of pallet in the best condition every delivery and enables us to cater to clients’ individual needs.